Campaign for ‘gaali-free’ all-India movement

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A woman advertising executive in Mumbai has launched a ‘gaali-free’ India campaign, in a bid to add more value to India’s growth story.

Taking a cue from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Swachch Bharat campaign, Vandana Sethhi, Director of Water Communications, has initiated the ‘Swachch Bhasha’ drive. Under this campaign, she aims to reach out to the people of India and remind them about their responsibility towards their own language, the need for cleaning of one’s vocabulary filled with gaalis (abusive words) and curse words and working towards using Swachch Bhasha in day-to-day-life, while they take care of keeping their surroundings clean as well.

“There are certain occasions like the Republic Day and Independence Day when our hearts evoke patriotic feelings and make us act like responsible citizens of the nation” she says. “But are we really being true to ourselves?. Do we really care about the essence of Republic Day or Independence Day celebrations? Is this patriotism in the true sense? ” The answer is with most of us and it is mostly in the negative.

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Vandana says that gaalis have become a disease and is spreading like an epidemic among people of gen-next era,  so busy running after success that they just don’t know how to control their feelings. To them gaalis is the easiest way to vent their anger, frustrations and to cope with stress. She said, “We are humans and bound to get frustrated at different times of our lives. But do we really need to depend on gaalis – is it a little piece of chocolate to lift one’s mood? With an expected literacy rate to touch 80% by end of this year, India is a progressive nation beyond doubt. But are we really literate in the moral sense?”

“People across the nation use gaalis as if it is in vogue and those who don’t use it are considered ‘unmanly’ or less gutsy.  Gaalis have become our newly defined vocabulary in day to day conversations and are passing it down to their next generation without even realizing its repercussions.”

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Vandana says that people’s identity is not through their status quo or high birth, but through the language they use in their day to day life. Those who respect humanity never use ‘gaalis‘ and those who use gaalis in any language are never fully literate in the real sense. Language that’s replete with curse/abusive words, demeaning meanings, demoralizing words and disrespectful diction is a drain on the nation’s rich cultural heritage. It is a blot on the nation’s deep rooted values.

Gaali is a modern disease and its cure is purely with us. Each and every one of us! Get cured before it’s too late. It’s we pledge to free our country of the gaalis and use slogans and quotes as our way of venting out feelings, constructively,” said Vandana Sethhi. Join Gaali Free India Revolution by taking a pledge on –  CINEWS/PR Newswire.

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