Campaign to deal with widespread bullying kicks off

Mississauga, November 20 (CINEWS): It is a known fact that bullying in schools is widespread and very under-reported, which makes dealing with the issue so difficult.
Now the Catholic board has signaled that there needs to be more to encourage witnesses and victims to speak up and report something they see happening which is wrong.bully
What has grown to be a major problem in recent times is cyber-bullying on social media.
One successful method of combating this has been an online reporting tool rolled out board-wide over the past three years.
Similar to the police’s Crime Stoppers program, the method allows students to anonymously report incidences that “students feel need to be reported to administration.”
It’s unclear if a particular grade is more susceptible to bullying in the Catholic board, however, Cruz pointed out that Grade 5 students are preemptively targeted in the board’s Cyber Safety Academy with Peel police because more and more kids at that age are getting into social media.
The school administration now has digital citizenship and responsibility woven into its code of conduct that stretches beyond the classroom walls.
While the school system can only go far in detecting and dealing with the issue of bullying, parents and guardians need to be more attuned and in-touch with their teenage children and detect any signs of depression or sadness that could well be linked to being a victim of bullying at school.

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