Campaign to encourage pregnant mothers to donate umblical cord

Brampton, October 9 (CINEWS): On Sunday, Amar Karma Organ Donation Society, that have periodic campaigns to spread awareness about organ donation kicked off Cord of Love, in association with the Canadian Blood Services at the Chinguacousy Wellness Centre. This initiative is directed toward South Asian pregnant mothers who are urged to donate their umbilical cord blood after birth instead of disposing it off as garbage.wsj_gfx_v48_12.5.9.2
Speakers from the Canadian Blood Services shared information on how cord blood stem cells can treat more than 70 diseases including cancer, genetic diseases and other blood disorders.
There is very low awareness about donating the umbilical cord which is very simple and does not involve any risks or major decisions like donating one’s organs. One hopes that pregnant mothers and their husbands make the right choice and aren’t hindered by superstitious beliefs. It should in all probability strike a chord.


An appeal to donate strikes a chord

Mississauga, October 9 (CINEWS): In an interview with Can-India Loveen Kaur Gill who founded Amar Karma Organ Donation Society in 2010, talks about organ donation and just what makes it so important for each one of us to consider. This is Canada’s first South Asian non-profit organization geared toward creating awareness about organ donation.
“We really want to encourage Canadians to become designated organ and tissue donors by registering online as well providing this information to their families,” she says.

Tell us a little about Umbilical cord donation

We at Amar Karma Organ Donation Society have pioneered to launch a campaign to spread the word about umbilical cord blood donation. We recently held a seminar about it in Brampton called “the cord of love
Before holding our baby Azaad into my arms, he and I had been exchanging love through a cord for almost 39 weeks. There’d been an incomprehensible connection between us- so much been said and heard each fraction of the

Lovleen with her baby Azaad and her husband

Lovleen with her baby Azaad and her husband

moment. Umbilical cord which holds abundance of unconditional love, master seeds/cells to heal many wounds and to cure many diseases should be securely passed on to those in need. I’m proud that we have donated our love cord to let it carry the legacy of love to grow for families that need it the most. Moreover, universe sent us a gift in form of our child; why not celebrate the occasion by gifting the symbol of love to others!

What are the organs you have encouraged South Asians to donate?
We raise awareness about organ and tissue donation, hair donation, blood, bone marrow and umbilical cord donation.

Are second generation South Asians more receptive to organ donation?
Yes, we can say so. We have been heavily supported by colleges, universities and schools and our team consists of a lot of youth.

How successful have you been so far?
We aim at normalizing the concept of organ and tissue donation, and we have been successful at spreading the word about it evidently from out associations with many youth organizations and community hubs as well.

What more can be done to change the way South Asians think about donation?
We can reach out to people through languages that they speak and advocate the idea of organ donation through print media, broadcast, by involving the religious gurus and political leaders etc.

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