Can Canada absorb the cost of the Paris climate agreement?

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In October, an Abacus Data poll found that a federal carbon price was considered “good” or “acceptable” by a majority in every province except Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, collectively home to 38 of the Conservative party’s 99 MPs.

A recent survey by Angus Reid found that 68 per cent of “core” Conservative supporters felt economic growth should be prioritized over environmental protection, whereas majorities in every other subgroup felt otherwise.

So what this means that in theory every Canadian supports the quest for a better and cleaner planet, however, that support wavers when they are presented with a bill in the form of higher taxes, carbon pricing and trade disadvantage which will result in job losses and wage stagnation.

It is also unclear how well Canadian companies will fare vis-à-vis the US where businesses aren’t encumbered by strict emissions which gives them an advantage over Canadian exports. – CINEWS

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