Can `iconic` Big Mac put your health at risk?

London, Sept. 24 (ANI): Have you ever wondered how McDonald burgers, and especially, the Big Mac can put your health at risk.

The Fast Food Menu Price (FFMP) has claimed that the burger raises your blood sugar and makes you feel hungry again just after 40 minutes, as they contain fructose corn syrup, the Daily Express reports.

It is even said that the Big Mac burger takes three days to digest as compared to to the usual digestion route.

However, a representative for McDonald’s said, “We have been displaying nutritional information on our menu items for over 30 years. So, it is a shame to see such inaccurate figures and information being circulated.”

The representative further said McDonald’s has removed all artificial trans-fat from their menu.

He said the iconic Big Mac burger contains no artificial colours or flavours and the bun does not contain any corn syrup. (ANI)


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