Can Shah question Modi government on AgustaWestland deal? Congress

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New Delhi, April 30 (IANS) In a scathing attack on BJP president Amit shah, the Congress on Saturday asked if he would question the Narendra Modi government over protecting AgustaWestland and its parent company Finmeccanica, which he had termed a ‘bogus company’.

The Congress on Saturday demanded an apology from Shah for spreading lies and misleading the nation on the AgustaWestland chopper deal.

Congress spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala attacked the BJP president saying: “Amit Shah has called AgustaWestland and its parent company Finmeccanica a ‘bogus company’. Will Amit Shah ask Modi government as to why it has been protecting the same bogus company for last two years as CBI/ED investigation has reached no conclusion?”

“Will Amit Shah and BJP answer to the people as to why the same ‘fraud company’ was permitted to be part of prime minister’s ‘Make-in-India’ programme and participate in ‘Aero India Exhibition’?” he asked.

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“Amit Shah and BJP leaders have become masters in pursuing politics of deceit and deliberate lies. BJP government needs to introspect whether mud-slinging and muckraking can ever replace the truth,” said Surjewala.

“Can smear campaign and ‘hatchet jobs’ of BJP’s dirty tricks department defend the Operation Cover-up of BJP government in helping AugustaWestland?”

He also sought to know from Shah “why the same ‘fraud company’ was being given permission by the Foreign Investment Promotion Board of the Modi government as recently as December 8, 2015?”

“Will he also answer as to why the same ‘fraud company’ was given permission to participate in defence contract as a ‘sub-contractor’ as also supplier to a contracting party with government of India by order dated August 22, 2014 of Ministry of Defence?” the Congress spokesperson added.

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Surjewala further attacked Shah saying: “Amit Shah has also raised questions with regard to permitting testing of helicopters on ‘foreign soil’. Will Shri Amit Shah ask the same question from Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar?”

“Is it not true that ‘Defence Procurement Procedure 2016’ issued by Modi government provides that process of trial can be carried out abroad i.e. on foreign soil, including in the premises of vendor owing to export restrictions, security related issues, availability of testing infrastructure/platforms or other reasons?,” he asked.



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