Canada bans trans fat use in food products

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Parents who worry that their children are consuming high levels of trans fat present in so many of the popular fast foods and frozen options may be delighted to know that hydrogenated oils, or PHOs, the main source of industrially produced trans fats in all food has been banned.

Going forward it is illegal for manufacturers to use the additive in any food made or imported into Canada, as well as any meals prepared in restaurants.

Trans fats has been widely used and for long accepted as a great way to add taste and texture to food as a replacement for butter. But it turned out that consuming trans fats did more damage over time than butter.

Health experts believe that this ban will save lives as the number of heart attacks brought about by artery-clogging trans fats will go down.

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Any products containing trans fats can be sold for the next two years as long as they were manufactured before today, as part of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s strategy to enforce the new regime.

When it comes to taste and longer shelf-life, some consumers may find a difference but gradually over time, everyone will get used to it, not to mention live healthier lives as a result. -CINEWS

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