Canada best equipped to resist populist wave: Trudeau

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau offered an upbeat assessment of Canada’s liberal leanings in a world that is increasingly anxious, nativist, protectionist. At a fireside chat in Toronto, Trudeau argued that Canadian faith in the merits of trade makes us uniquely positioned to lead the way forward.

Citing the succession of trade pacts inked on his watch, including the pitfall-strewn renegotiation of NAFTA during a surge of protectionism south of the border, the Prime Minister said Canada stood strong and now is thriving as “the only G7 country with a free trade deal with every other G7 country.”

Even as populist trends take hold elsewhere, with politicians feeding the impulse to surrender to “anxiety, skepticism and cynicism” in the age of disruption, Trudeau told an intimate crowd of about 70 Liberal party donors that his government was able to advance trade deals confident that Canadians were with him.

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The 30-minute fundraiser was Trudeau’s second in the GTA in barely than a week. It’s a pace that is likely to continue as the party ramps up its re-election effort. -CINEWS

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  1. Seeking to remove Trudeau on account of the many Liberal scandals and his government’s profound financial illiteracy should not be conflated with ‘populism’.