Canada files claim for North Pole

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Canada has formally filed a claim for the North Pole.

After years of delay and political debate, Canada has submitted its scientific argument for control of a vast portion of the Arctic seabed, including the North Pole, to the UN body that will evaluate it.

Denmark and Russia have already released their own evidence that the Pole and good bits of the sea floor around it, including any resources should belong to them.

Canada submitted 1,200 pages of scientific evidence to prove that the continental shelf from the High Arctic islands extends past 200 nautical miles from shore. It includes a contested section of sea floor that stretches from the top of Ellesmere Island along an undersea ridge to the Pole and more than 200 kilometres past it.

Russia says that same undersea ridge originates from its continental shelf. Consequently, it argues all of the sea floor alongside the ridge from Russia’s coast to just past the Pole belongs to the bear.

The Danes say the ridge is associated with Greenland, so it is theirs right up to Russian territorial waters.

Canada was expected to file a submission five years ago that would have stopped just shy of the Pole. That submission, the result of years of research costing more than $100 million, was pulled at the last minute.

The UN Commission on Limits of the Continental Shelf will review the validity of the science done by all three countries. It’s expected to be years before negotiations begin. -CINEWS

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