Canada seeks US help to stop Nigerian asylum seekers coming across the border

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If you follow the news, you could be forgiven for not knowing about the hundreds of asylum seekers who are streaming across our borders.

Among them are hundreds of Nigerian asylum seekers flooding into Canada across a ditch in upstate New York. Canadian authorities are asking the United States for help not to stop the asylum seekers coming into Canada but to do a better job at preventing fraudulent visa seekers from getting visas into the USA.

Who would have realized that it is harder to get a Canadian visa than it is to get a US visa?

This summer authorities are bracing for a huge wave of asylum seekers that are expected to surge into Canada.

Last year it was predominantly Haitians, this year the number of Nigerians have spiked sharply.

Many Haitians had lived in the United States for years before suddenly learning they would lose their protected status and fleeing north. But many of the Nigerian asylum seekers are arriving in Quebec with recently issued U.S. visitor visas.

Canada is not asking U.S. officials to refuse entry to Nigerians but is seeking stricter screening to ensure that those who are granted U.S. visitor visas truly intend to return home.

The request is an unsurprising one between two countries that have collaborated for decades on migration-related matters. But it also is a sign that Canada is feeling new pressure on its borders as U.S. immigration and refugee policies shift. – CINEWS

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