Canada’s ex-servicemen have extended support to our OROP protest, says IESM chief

New Delhi, Sept. 4 (ANI): Major General (Retired) Satbir Singh, the chairman of the Indian Ex-Servicemen Movement (IESM), on Friday reiterated his resolution to continue with the protest for the implementation of the one-rank-one-pension (OROP) scheme against the government, and said they have started to get support from other countries as well.

“Our family have gone to other countries to promote our protest there. Canada’s Indian ex-servicemen movement sent Rs.1.15 lakhs to our OROP protest,” said Singh.

“This is fight against the betrayal we have faced, it is not against any party, or any political system. Any government that betrays the promises it committed to the war veteran will have to face this kind of protest,” he added.

He also pointed out that the supporters have been protesting across the country. They also named the spot of the protest as ‘Sainik Parliament’.

He further said that the war veterans would be raising the bar on the level of the ongoing protest in coming days till the government did not meet their demands.

“We have been getting support from all over the country. This movement is one of the most popular ones this country has ever seen,” he said.

The ex-servicemen have been demanding OROP for the last 80 days. The centre of their agitation is located in the Jantar Mantar area of the national capital. (ANI)

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