Canadian children leisure reading in free fall: Scholastic Report

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Most kids start off enjoying books as children but as they move up grades, study and electronic devices tend to take over.

Scholastic released the Canadian edition of the “Kids & Family Reading Report” which points out that that older children between 15 to 17 are starting to spend more time using digital devices rather than reading for fun.

The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) is taking steps to incorporate technology with reading to encourage students to have good reading habits.

According to the report, seven in 10 children enjoy reading books for fun five to seven days a week, but the percentage decreases as they grow older.

Twenty-five per cent of older children are reading books for fun and more than 60 per cent are spending their time online and using electronic devices.

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Many South Asian parents insist on their children reading and harangue them when they overdo playing on devices. One parent says he inculcated the love of books in both his children, but one of them loves books more than the other. “If there is a movie based on a book, “ he said, “I get him to read the book and he now finds the book has more details which allows him to enjoy the movie better.”

But still this parent like others talk about the difficulty keeping kids away from exciting online games and social media which is needless to say quite addictive. – CINEWS

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