Canadian dairy industry an engine for jobs; big GDP contributor

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The Canadian dairy industry is today significantly better positioned than other jurisdictions around the world, according to  Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) President Wally Smith and  DFC Executive Director Caroline Emond.

At a press conference in Ottawa on Wednesday to highlight World Milk Day, the DFC officials   emphasized the critical importance of the supply management system in Canada, and how the industry in Canada continued to be sustainable, competitive, and innovative.

There are challenges, however, that  exist that require the Government to take action.

“We have seen what happens when dairy industries are deregulated, and the consequences are dire,” said Wally Smith. “World Milk Day is an opportunity for all Canadians, including farmers, consumers, and for government, to take the time realize how important the supply management system is. We are very fortunate to have a stable, sustainable industry that provides Canadians with high quality, 100% Canadian milk. What more is there to say about milk. It’s white, it’s refreshing. It has calcium, protein and many other nutrients. It is a natural, nutritious food which contributes to a healthy diet. On behalf of all Canadian dairy farmers, I want to thank Canadians for their support and for choosing Canadian milk.”

The Government has a role to play in the sustainability of the industry, through the enforcement of regulations and border measures, and through investments to ensure the continued success of the sector. The Government has indicated to the industry that they are aware of these challenges and recently announcing that they would be consulting with them within a set timeframe.

“Surprisingly, some still doubt the benefits of supply management, but the facts are clear. The Canadian dairy industry is a key economic driver, and contributes almost $19 Billion a year to Canada’s GDP, remits $3.6 Billion in taxes every year and supports approximately 215,000 jobs across the country. We are very proud of our farmers and their dedication to Canadians. Tomorrow, thousands of dairy farmers will be in Ottawa, despite the busy hay season on their farms, to remind the Government that they need to act in a timely way to tackle the challenges that affect the sustainability of the industry.” – PRNewswire

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