Canadian students call for free post-secondary education

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Student representatives are available to comment on the back-to-school reality of higher tuition fees. As students are returning to college and university campuses across the country, the Canadian Federation of Students said in Ottawa that it is launching a national campaign calling to eliminate all  tuition fees in Canada.

Just the facts:

  • Government funding for post-secondary institutions makes up less than half of ‘public’ colleges and universities’ operating budgets, falling from 54.2 percent in 2004-2005 to 48.9 percent in 2013-2014
  • Tuition fees have increased 137 percent in real dollars since 1991
  • It’s projected that $2,800,000,000 in new loans will be issued in 2016-17 alone by the Canada Student Loans Program
  • CIBC now estimates that parents should save $100,000 to support one child through a four-year degree

On November 2nd, 2016 students in communities across Canada will be organizing a Day of Action to demand a new vision for post-secondary education.

The vision:

Universal Access. Regardless of who someone is, where they are from or the background they come from, everyone should be able to access higher education and skills training without the barrier of cost or the fear of incurring debt.

Education Justice. Currently, Indigenous, racialized, queer and trans, people with disabilities, people raised in single-parent homes and people from low-income families are disproportionately being pushed out of colleges and universities. The education system must not further marginalize these communities.

Public Education. Public education is a public good that society benefits from as a whole and it must be funded as such. Post-secondary education in Canada must be by the public, for the public. Colleges and universities must be not-for-profit and not tailored to private interests.

The Canadian Federation of Students is the oldest and largest national student organization in Canada, representing over 650,000 college, undergraduate and graduate students across the country. – CNW

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