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Canadians worried about young people vaping, says poll



According to a recent poll commissioned by Heart & Stroke, 80 percent of Canadians are concerned with how many young people are vaping, and 89 percent want the government to take action before the end of the year.
“We are facing a youth vaping crisis in Canada,” Andrew Pipe, board chair for Heart & Stroke, said in a news release.
“Industry has been targeting young people through aggressive marketing, enticing flavours, and attractive product design. One vape pod can deliver a phenomenal amount of nicotine–as much as an entire package of cigarettes,” he continued.
Additionally, according to the findings, 87 percent of people believe vaping is harmful, 84 percent believe it’s addictive, and 78 per cent are concerned about potential health impacts.
Further, 89 percent believe the government must take action to prevent youths from vaping, 83 percent are in favour of limiting nicotine concentrations, and 75 percent support banning flavours.
According to the most recent available data, 20 percent of students in grades seven through 12 vape.
Moreover, the number of youths vaping increased by 74 percent in a single year.
Research suggests vaping can lead to cigarette use amount youths, and it’s been linked to respiratory injury and increased blood pressure.
As well, nicotine can be harmful and even damage developing brains.
All the available science doesn’t seem to sway young people as they vape away. Vaping for young people these days is more a fashion statement and something that makes them feel and look cool in the eyes of their peers.


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