‘Can’t compare Mehbooba Mufti with Mufti Sahib’, says Omar Abdullah

New Delhi, July 17 (ANI): The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Friday hit back at Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi following his ’56-inch’ chest jibe directed at Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said that those having a limited vision of 5.6 millimetres naturally would not understand the unlimited vision of 56.

BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra said Gandhi should not forget how a ‘chai-wala’ defeated the first family in politics of India.

“As far as the statement of Rahul Gandhi is concerned, he talks about watching the Hindi film ‘Lagaan’ and says the common people came together to defeat the British. I believe Mr. Rahul Gandhi must be reminded of the fact that how a common ‘chai-wala’ defeated the first family in politics of India because first family was the corrupt family,” said Patra.

“Very successfully the common man of this country under the leadership of Mr. Modi rightly defeated the Congress,” he added.

Patra also used the occasion to target Robert Vadra, the son-in-law of Congress president Sonia Gandhi.

“Secondly, Rahul Gandhi talks of the fact that not an inch of land would be provided to the poor of Rajasthan. Mr. Rahul Gandhi – ‘jijaji’, that is, Robert Vadra, could be given acres and acres of land in Rajasthan and today you want even an inch of land should not be given for the promotion of the poor farmers of Rajasthan. What kind of talk is this?” he asked.

“And lastly, Rahul Gandhi talks of remote control, who live by remote control often, cannot see an independent and determined Prime Minister and that is the reason as to why the ones who are controlled by the remote control from the remote control of 10, Janpath, again talk of remote control,” he added.

Addressing Congress workers in Jaipur, the Congress vice-president poked fun at Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ’56-inch’ chest, saying his party and the people of this country will reduce it to 5.6 inches in the next six months.

He said that for the first time there is a government in the country which wants to help the opposition.

The Congress vice president said Prime Minister Modi, who made tall claims and promises before the Lok Sabha polls, is least concerned about farmers, as he has now occupied the top post.

“Now that he has become the PM, why should he be concerned about farmers? He made several promises, but empty ones,” he said.

The Congress vice president also challenged Prime Minister Modi to bring back former IPL boss Lalit Modi.

He alleged that the BJP Government in Rajasthan is being run by Lalit Modi from London.

“As during the days of the British Raj, the remote control of the government here was in London. Similarly, the remote control of the Rajasthan Government is in London,” he said. (ANI)^

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