Cash reward for Peel students who go undercover decried

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By now Kevin Johnston who once ran unsuccessfully for mayor is now a familiar name in the Peel Region. Recently he made national and perhaps even international headlines when he released a video offering students who secretly videotape Muslim students participating in Friday Prayer a cash reward on a You Tube video.

This development has stirred fears that it will promote hate and will encourage some students to record videos and violate privacy in return for a cash reward.

“I am looking for everyone, including teachers and students, (to provide evidence) of hate crimes against Jews, against women, against infidels and against Canadians,” he said, adding he believes the messages during Muslim prayer incite hate and he is vehemently opposed to the Qur’an being read out in “our schools,” said Johnston in his video.

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The Peel board said it “values inclusion — we stand with our Muslim community and all those who join together for inclusion in rejecting this cruel campaign. While we condemn this hate-filled action, we will not provide a spotlight for his circus of hate. We will not be commenting on this campaign or this individual beyond this statement. It simply provides him with attention for his campaign of hatred.”

On Friday, March 31, an announcement was made at all Peel secondary schools, and a message was sent to all elementary and secondary parents to make them aware of the board’s statement on the video.

While sermons that stir up resentment against non-Muslims would not be encouraged and anyone guilty of sermonizing hatred toward any other group should be dealt with, what Mr Johnston is proposing is not something that should be encouraged.

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A student who takes this on as a challenge could end up trying to secretly record a prayer and end up getting into trouble and making a bad situation worse.

Students should not be encouraged to become undercover stealth investigators. It will only cause more tension and resentment between students in school. – CINEWS

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