Celebs share their ‘Snow Day’ with Winter Storm Jonas

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Washington D.C., Jan. 24 (ANI): Winter Storm Jonas continues to go wild in the East Coast.how can celebs not share their very own ‘Snow Day’ moments on the various social media platforms?

Mariah Carey decided to celebrate Christmas again while showing off her stunning engagement ring; Drew Barrymore thought it would be best to cuddle with a nice glass of Yes Way Rose; as for Mariska Hargitay, she’s finding a way to celebrate her birthday even if everyone is staying inside, reports E! online.

45-year-old ‘Glitter’ songstress Mariah Carey, all in pink-and-white, wearing her engagement ring, posted her snaps saying, “mariahcareyChristmas revisited….#couldntresistmakinganotherchristmastree #thoughitsjanuary ??”

52-year-old ‘Jocks’ actress Mariska Hargitay shared a snap on Instagram captioning it: “Birthday Snow Day! Thanks for all the love! #NanookofNewYork #BirthdayBlizzard #ILoveFrosting #SnowSmile ??? #Brrrrr”

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When businesses are shut down, airplanes are grounded and even Broadway musicals in New York City are stopped, some on the West Coast are finding their own way to stay warm.

‘ER actor’ John Stamos tweeted his snap in a swimming pool, playing with his pet saying, “johnstamosUm… sorry? #jonasblizzardLA” (ANI)

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