Censors approve Missing on a Weekend with three mutes

Abhishek Jawkar...Censors wanted 50 cuts.

Abhishek Jawkar…Censors wanted 50 cuts.

When crime thriller ‘Missing on a Weekend’ was forwarded for  certification, it received a controversial response from CBFC.  The movie which is about a group of friends on a weekend getaway to Goa who go missing.

Initially the CBFC wanted thad given 50 cuts which comprised scenes of drug consumption and use of expletives in some dialogues.  One of the rationales for so many cuts was also the fear of portraying Goa in a negative light and how this would impact tourism in the state.

However, Abhishek Jawkar, waited patiently and when there was no response from the the CBFC  he sent them a legal notice.  The CBFC responded and  issued the certificate but still recommended 7 cuts instead of the original 50.  Unwilling to compromise, Jawkar  sent the film to the revising committee.

After many rounds of discussions, the film has now been passed with no cuts  and only 3 mutes.

“The CBFC has asked us to mute the word “Harami” in three scenes, which is acceptable. The fight has been long and it was worth the wait. It’s indeed a eureka moment for us!”

‘Missing on a Weekend’ is directed by Abhishek Jawkar and produced by The Red Bulb Studios and Adept Films. It also marks the launch of singer Padamashree Hariharan’s younger son Karan Hariharan.

The movie releases on August 26. – CINEWS

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