Chad: Five suicide bomb attacks kill 36, injure 50

Washington D.C., Oct. 11 (ANI): At least 36 people were killed and about 50 injured in five suicide bomb attacks in western village of Baga Sola of Chad, which is home to many Nigerians who fled from the violence of Islamic group Boko Haram.

According to the The Washington Times, the authorities blamed the extremist group for staging coordinated attacks in the village.

Two women and children were among the five suicide bombers who attacked the village’s busiest markets and Dar-es-Salam’s refugee camps for the Nigerians.

The village, which is in the Lake Chad region near Nigerian border, has around 3000 Nigerians as refugees.

Chad had joined as Nigeria’s major ally to fight the extremist group, which had threatened to retaliate earlier this year.

Even though, the country’s capital was rocked by a series of suicide bombs attacks in June and July, Saturday’s attacks are said to be the largest and well-coordinated yet in the country’s lake region. (ANI)

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