Chandigarh to witness deft moves, twists and turns on Tuesday

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Chandigarh, June 20 (IANS) The second edition of the second International Yoga Day event on Tuesday will see Prime Minister Narendra Modi lead 30,000 participants at the main event here for 45 minutes of exercises divided into different sections.

Participants will begin with the loosening up exercises like neck bending and body twisting, said an official.

The second section of exercises done in standing posture comprises of six yoga exercises, including ‘tadasana’ or palm tree posture and ‘vriksasana’ or the tree posture.

The third section is in sitting postures, with five exercises, including ‘shashankasana’ or the hare posture and ‘vakrasana’ or spinal twist posture. Following these are the three prone postures, including ‘bhujangasana’ or the cobra posture.

It will be followed by the supine postures comprising ‘sethubandhasana’ or the bridge posture, ‘pavanamuktasana’ or wind releasing posture and finally ‘savasana’ or the dead body posture.

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According to the official, breathing exercises like ‘kapalbhati’ and ‘pranayama’ will be performed next by dhyan or meditation and finally the ‘Shanti path’.



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