Changes to sex-ed curriculum violates Charter: CCLA

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Even opponents of the Sex-Ed curriculum must not have realized that their Charter Rights were horribly violated by Tory Premier Doug Ford. But it is true, according to the Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA) who believe that by reverting back to the province’s 1998, people in the province are having their Charter rights violated.

In a detailed letter to Ontario’s Minister of Education Lisa Thompson, the association said “censoring” certain topics — particularly regarding sexual orientation, gender identity and violence against women — will harm certain students and their families.

CCLA, a non-profit organization that promotes human rights, says the ministry has gone against the charter right to equality by repealing the current curriculum ahead of the PC’s announced consultation, and making changes that will impinge on the rights of some students and their parents.

Meanwhile Doug Ford says PCs planning largest-ever consultation on sex-ed. “We look forward to hearing from parents from all across Ontario in our upcoming consultation. Anyone who wishes to participate in the process will be welcome,” said Ben Menka, political advisor to Lisa Thompson, in a statement Monday.

“We are working with our team and officials, and look forward to sharing details on the consultations in the near future.”

The association is now urging the Ontario’s Progressive Conservative government to keep the 2015 curriculum in place amidst consultation of this decision.

Several school boards have demanded clarity since Thompson announced last month that the sex-ed curriculum taught to children in the coming school year would be an older, 1998 version of the program, which was one of Premier Doug Ford’s campaign promises.

This version reverts changes made in 2015 by the province’s then-liberal government, which included warnings about sexting and online bullying, and discussed same-sex marriage, gender identity and masturbation.

But exactly what can and can’t be taught this fall is still unclear, something the CCLA says is still a concern as the school year is fast approaching.

CCLA says failing to discuss issues affecting the LGBTQ community in the Health and Physical Education (HPE) curriculum is “deeply hurtful” and “stigmatising” to those students and their parents and goes against the Human Rights Code that protects against discrimination of sexual orientation, gender and family status.

The CCLA also points out that this dated version of the sex-ed curriculum puts vulnerable to abuse further at risk.

CCLA says school boards will also be caught in a conflict of whether to follow the ministry or follow obligations outlined in the Education Act.

The association cited a part of the act that requires school boards to “promote a positive school climate that is inclusive and accepting of all students.”

The sex-ed curriculum is a minefield and while parents for and against a more progressive version of it duke it out, children are unconcerned. They are in any case learning all about the birds, the bees and lots more by looking at their smartphones. All kids have access to the most advanced sex-education on the worldwide web which includes videos in addition to text explaining it all. – CINEWS

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  1. Same sex releases the participants from the possibility of reproduction which has coloured sex ed and parental teaching since its discussion. If the diminished possibility of reproduction complications favours the LGBT community then it is wrong to teach that it is preferred to reproduction. How do you think this will affect sex ed and students?