Charlie Sheen offers tips to Lindsay Lohan

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Los Angeles, Feb 10 (IANS) Actor Charlie Sheen, who celebrated one year of sobriety in December 2018, has encouraged actress Lindsay Lohan to “stay the course” in her sobriety journey.

“I always had tremendous affection for her. I can totally relate to some of the stuff she had gone through, was going through. (I’d) just tell her, just stay the course. You can’t change the past, but they would not call it that if it was not, right?” he told

Lohan had insisted she has put her partying ways behind her, and is now focused on running her own chain of nightclubs instead of spending her time partying in them.

She said: “That was so in my past. Most of my friends (now), actually, who own nightclubs and stuff aren’t drinkers or anything.

“Because I’m running the show, I have to be on it and I have to keep myself busy. It’s more fun to watch other people have their own fun with what they are doing. There’s no judgment in it though. It has nothing to do with my past.”



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