Chelsea Clinton encourages Kanye West’s interest to run for 2020 President

Washington D.C., Sept 8 (ANI): Unexpectedly, Kanye West’s announcement of running in the 2020 Presidential run has made the opponents agreeing to the same point as after Donald Trump, Hilary Clinton’s daughter Chelsea Clinton has now supported rapper’s desire for political run.

When asked about the ‘Gold Digger’ rapper’s political ambitions, Chelsea, who was there to promote the Clinton Foundation’s No Ceilings Project, said that it’s really important who runs for the office as the person becomes the public figure and an inspiration to the kids and if he manages to do so then “that’s awesome”, E! Online reported.

West recently dished out his desire for running in the 2020 political run during his Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award’s acceptance speech at 2015 MTV VMAs. (ANI)

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