Chicago father finds justice defending child abuse charges

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Chicago father was successfully defended against false abuse allegations that were maliciously crafted to destroy his relationship with his three-year-old son. This dad’s liberty and relationship with his boy is now safe, according to a statement from the Leving litigation team of Chicago.

This father had a healthy and loving relationship with his son for the first two years of his life and also during the first few months of his first divorce proceeding. That all changed after the mother found out that dad had moved on and started a new family. Suddenly, she falsely claimed he was dangerous and violent towards both her and his son. She tried to get an order of protection against him to stop him from even seeing his son, all occurring during the first divorce proceeding.

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Having come close to losing his son, the father knew he would need someone on his side to fight for him to keep his son in his life.  So, he turned to attorney James Hagler of the Law Offices of Jeffery M. Leving.  Hagler was able to outmaneuver opposing counsel in court and get the first divorce dismissed in a strategic move to eliminate terribly unfavorable temporary orders harmful to this father. The mother was again furious and made another attempt to get a protection order against him by making false allegations against him. Again, she failed. The Law Offices of Jeffery M. Leving,  is internationally known for rescuing children from around the world and reuniting fathers and children.

The father, concerned about the escalating false allegations, kept his distance from her and their son until the trial. In court, Leving Attorneys Catherine Delgadillo and Laura Inns anticipated the mother’s new attack and were able to expose her to the Judge.  Thanks to their preparation and emotional intelligence, they were victorious. The boy is now safe.

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The father saw his son for the first time in months and there’s plenty quality time with his son ahead, especially for this upcoming Memorial Day weekend. This father no longer has to fear of being deprived of his son. – PRNewswire.

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