China aims to complete military reform by 2020

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Beijing, May 13 (IANS) China is aiming to complete military reforms by 2020, an official statement said.

In the next five years, China’s armed forces will realise “a significant increase of key combat capabilities”, said the 13th five-year military development plan (2016-2020), issued by the Central Military Commission (CMC) on Thursday.

By 2020, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) will complete mechanisation of all forces and made important progress in incorporating information and computer technology, the Global Times reported citing the plan.

Priorities include the strategic restructuring of different services, the development of weaponry and logistics, IT facilities, combat training and international military cooperation.

More resources will be directed to projects that enhance combat readiness, facilitate major reforms and improve benefits for servicemen and women, it added.

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Lately the PLA has undergone significant restructuring, with the CMC taking charge of overall administration, and theatre commands focusing on combat. Different military branches will pursue their own development.

Measures began in December 2015 with the inauguration of the general command for the PLA, the PLA Rocket Force and the PLA Strategic Support Force.

Former military headquarters — staff, politics, logistics and armaments — were reorganised into 15 new agencies under the CMC.

In February, five PLA theater commands were established, replacing the seven military area commands.



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