China calls for political solution to Syrian crisis

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Beijing, Oct 10 (IANS) A Chinese Foreign Ministry official on Monday called upon the international community to pursue a political solution to the Syrian crisis through dialogue by all parties involved.

“We are concerned about the current Syrian situation,” the official told a press conference. The conflict has been going on for about five years.

Two opposing draft resolutions: a French-Spanish version and another by Russia, on Saturday failed to be approved by the UN Security Council, Xinhua news agency reported.

China called for a political solution, adherence to the principle that the future of Syria must be decided by its own people, and giving full play to the role of the United Nations and its Security Council as the main channel of mediation, the official said.

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Efforts shall be made along four parallel tracks, namely the ceasefire, negotiation, humanitarian assistance and a joint campaign against terrorism, the official added.

The official stressed in the unity of international community, expressing hope that all parties concerned would work together, build consensus and push for political solution to Syrian crisis, so as to maintain peace and stability in Syria and in the region.



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