China celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival

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Beijing, Sep 15 (IANS) Chinese people across the country on Thursday celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival, an annual traditional event associated with the harvest and full moon.

Chinese mark the public holiday — also celebrated by Koreans and Vietnamese — by gathering together with their families and eating mooncakes, a dense sweet pastry whose round shape symbolises the reunion of families, EFE news reported.

The mooncakes are filled with red bean or lotus seed paste, and many also contain salted duck egg yolks, making them rich and highly calorific — just one has the energy content of around 1,000 calories — so families tend to cut them into small pieces and share them.

Meanwhile, in the Vietnamese capital of Hanoi, children and their parents were seen shopping for toys, lanterns and other decorations ahead of street celebrations tonight in the city’s Old Quarter.

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The festivities will include traditional folk games, a lion dance, puppet performances and mooncake-making.



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