China hopes UNSC sends ‘positive’ signal on Korean n-issue

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Beijing, April 28 (IANS) China hopes the UN Security Council meeting on the Korean peninsula nuclear issue on Friday will send a positive and balanced message to the world.

“If the meeting simply focuses on sanctions and building up pressure, it will be losing a rare opportunity, causing more confrontation, and hampering efforts to restart talks,” Xinhua news agency quoted Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang as saying on Friday.

Geng said China was ready to join the discussions and exchange opinion to seek a solution to the Korean peninsula issue.

He stressed that the onus to resolve the issue was not on the Chinese side, in response to some calls on Beijing to take tougher stance towards Pyongyang.

“China is neither the focus of the Korean peninsula nuclear issue nor the party escalating tensions. China does not hold the key to solving the issue,” Geng said, calling for collective wisdom and joint efforts from all sides.

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China has already proposed the widely supported “dual-track” approach to denuclearising the peninsula and the “suspension for suspension” proposal to defuse the looming crisis.

China hopes that all sides of the Korean nuclear issue can play their roles, shoulder their due responsibilities and work together to solve the issue and realize peace and stability in Asia.



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