China, Pakistan Economic Corridor will threaten Balochistan, says Baloch envoy to UN Mehran Marri

London, Oct. 14 (ANI): Mehran Marri, the Baloch representative to the European Union and the United Nations, has said the USD 46 billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) will threaten Baloch lives and Baloch rights as never before.

Marri declared, “To ensure that the financiers and their agents get full returns from these blood dollars, the Pakistani establishment is taking steps to severely crack down on the Baloch and their supporters who resent the exploitation of their resources. The economic corridor will bring about an ethnic cleansing of Balochistan.”

He said the Pakistan Army’s announcement to establish a special security division consisting of nine army battalions and six civilian force battalions, and a decision to extend its Zarb-e-Azab (military operation going on in North Waziristan) to Balochistan, indicates preparations for a war on the Baloch and a quashing of their dream of secular and independent Balochistan.

The Baloch representative to the European Union and the United Nations further stated that this will result in an intensification of crimes against humanity in Balochistan and the unleashing of death squads there.

Marri pointed out that even before the evil nexus of exploiting Balochistan’s resources between China and Pakistan took concrete shape, the Baloch were systematically targeted by the Pakistani establishment and their sponsored death squads.

He said not only are the Baloch being subjected to military operations and systematic harassment, but they are also being denied the right to express their grievances before the people.

According to the senior Baloch leader, Baloch resentment is not only against economic plunder, but also against various political and military means used to disempower them politically and economically.

“They resent the crude attempts made by Pakistan to change the historical, secular and social ethos with the help of Madressahs and fundamentalist organisations under guise of charity outfits, as have been used in Awaran after the September 2013 devastating earthquake,” he added.

Marri said the future of Balochistan is viewed very differently by Pakistan and Pakistanis on the one hand, and by the Baloch on the other.

“Pakistan sees it as the land where its burgeoning population can be accommodated; it is seen in terms of ports and harbours it has, they see it as the testing ground for A-bombs and assorted missile tests, they also see it as the energy corridor for their friend China, because that corridor will surely spike real estate prices, which the elite will benefit from as they attempted to do in Gwadar,” he opined.

Balochistan is seen as a vast stretch of land with plenty of resources, as ‘terra nullius’, a land belonging to no one, waiting to be exploited for benefits of others instead of the Baloch,” he added.

Expressing the sentiment of the Baloch people, he said they see Balochistan as their motherland which they gave an identity to, and which in turn, did the same.

“They see it as the repository of their culture, history and way of life; they know that without land, they lose all meaning, and above all, they resent the illegal annexation on 27th March 1948. The Baloch have crossed the Rubicon and will travel on the path they have treaded for so long and given so many sacrifices for. The Baloch seek an independent, sovereign Balochistan,” he concluded. (ANI)

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