China to offer new humanitarian aid for Middle East

Beijing, Oct 13 (IANS) China will offer new aid to relieve the humanitarian crisis in the Middle East, Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Wang Chao said on Tuesday.

At a press briefing about President Xi Jinping’s coming visit to Britain, Wang said that China has paid great attention to the refugee issue in the region, Xinhua reported.

He said since the current turbulence emerged in the Middle East, China has provided a total of 375 million yuan ($54.9 million) in humanitarian aid to the region.

As the humanitarian situation in the region has become increasingly grim, China will accelerate distribution of the humanitarian aid that it has announced for West Asia and North Africa region by the end of the year. In addition, China will offer new aid for the region, Wang said.

Wang said these assistance measures will help Middle Eastern countries improve their ability to accommodate refugees and help reduce the flow of refugees.

He said that during President Xi’s visit to Britain, the two sides will exchange views on regional and international issues of common concern. He said China and Britain have maintained sound communication on regional and international issues over the long term. The two countries have played a constructive role in addressing the Ebola epidemic and the Iranian nuclear and South Sudan issues.

“China-Britain relations have surpassed the bilateral scope and adopted strategic significance and global influence,” Wang said.

He said that given the complex international situation and growing global challenges, China and Britain will cooperate to promote world economic growth, address global security challenges and reform global governance.

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