China to streamline ‘green card’ application

Beijing, Sep 15 (IANS) China will make it easier for foreigners to apply for permanent residence permits, or “green card”, to attract more talent from overseas, a high-level meeting decided on Tuesday.

China will “optimise” requirements and streamline procedures for applications, Xinhua news agency quoted a statement released after the 16th meeting of the Central Leading Group for Deepening Overall Reform.

The meeting chaired by President Xi Jinping passed a guideline on the management of foreigners’ permanent residence.

“China will manage foreigners’ permanent residence in a reasonable, open and pragmatic manner,” said the statement.

Foreign employees working in seven kinds of companies or institutions, including national labs, engineering research centres, technology centres of state-accredited high-tech companies and foreign-funded R&D centres, are currently able to apply.

Applicants must hold professional titles at or above associate professor or associate fellow-level and should have been working in China for more than four years with sound tax-records.

Candidates should file applications to municipal-level public security departments where they work.

Foreigners with permanent residence will enjoy the same rights as Chinese citizens in areas such as investment, house purchases and schooling.

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