China vows better environment for foreign investment

Beijing, Sep 28 (IANS) China’s top economic planner on Monday said the government will “unceasingly” improve the investment environment for foreign companies.

Li Pumin, secretary general of the National Development and Reform Commission, told foreign entrepreneurs at a forum that China will stick to market-oriented reforms and push ahead with a new round of high-level opening up.

China will lift investment restrictions in more sectors, he said without elaborating, Xinhua news agency reported.

Li’s remarks came shortly after President Xi Jinping made repeated pledges during his first state visit to the US that China’s policies toward foreign investment will not change.

“China will open its door still wider to the outside world, and the door will never be closed,” said Xi, reassuring overseas investors who are concerned about a deteriorating business environment in China.

Tang Wenhong, director of the Foreign Capital Department of the ministry of commerce, said at the forum that China’s efforts to solicit foreign investment had “borne fruit”.

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