China’s media industry pledges self-discipline

Beijing, Sep 15 (IANS) Fifty Chinese media organisations on Tuesday signed a self-discipline pledge in Beijing promising to uphold journalistic ethics.

The agreement was the brainchild of the China Alliance of Radio, Film and Television along with the Publishers Association of China, Xinhua news agency reported.

The signatories pledged to “protect the leadership of the Party and the interests of the state and not to publish or spread any information that would undermine the image of either.”

They promised to “be truthful, objective and impartial and not to cover news in exchange for profit or cover false news.”

They promised to “deliver constructive messages and not to produce or spread harmful reports on the internet or other media”.

They also vowed to uphold healthy and tasteful styles, eschew vulgarity, produce quality work, denounce plagiarism and defamation, and not engage in illegal or immoral activities.

To make the pact effective, organisations must incorporate it into their chapters and members will include it in employment and cooperation contracts with other firms.

Employees will face punishment should they violate the pact, in the form of warnings, demotion or dismissal.

They might also be asked to apologize in public, miss out on awards or blacklisted from the industry.

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