China`s Tiananmen Square massacre to break Taylor Swift`s `TS 1989` dream?

Melbourne, July 23 (ANI): Taylor Swift’s new clothing line ‘TS 1989’ might be her dream to give China a new look but it looks like the country is getting offended by the year she has used to name her clothing collection.

Tabloid media revealed that the 25-year-old singer’s merchandise was getting surrounded by controversies as the people think that it promotes the Tiananmen Square incident that occurred in the same year, reported

Previously, the ‘Blank Space’ hit-maker also released a video promoting the line in China saying, “Ni hao, it’s Taylor Swift. Be sure to check out my new authentic mercy, now available in China.”

Talking about the singer’s collection, a Beijing based journalist Fergus Ryan said, “forget Apple and Spotify, now Tay-Tay is taking on the Chinese Communist Party.”

Meanwhile, an exited Swift fan tweeted, “TSWIFT is finally launching a clothing line?! Debuting this summer? is this real life?! I’m so excited!” (ANI)

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