Chinese Buddhist for dialogue with other religions

Nanjing (China), Oct 25 (IANS) Master Xuecheng, president of the Buddhist Association of China, has urged Buddhists across the world to promote a dialogue with other religions.

Speaking at the fourth World Buddhist Forum in Wuxi city, Master Xuecheng said Buddhists should contribute their wisdom to solving problems that are common to the development of human society, reports Xinhua.

He said Buddhism had always played an active role in facilitating communication of human civilizations. He called for dialogues between different sects of Buddhism and between Buddhism and other religions.

Master Xuecheng also said that Buddhists should use the new progress of technologies to innovate the methods of promoting Buddhism.

Jointly proposed by Buddhist communities in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao in 2005, the World Buddhist Forum was established as a platform for Buddhists to communicate and cooperate.

More than 1,000 monks and scholars from 52 countries and regions took part in this year’s meeting.

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