Chinese build giant statue of Mao Zedong in Tongxu village

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London,Jan.6(ANI):Entrepreneurs and villagers in Henan’s Tongxu , a village in China ,40 years after the death of China’s ‘Great Helmsman’ began construction of a statue of Mao as a tribute in March last year and completed the statue in mid-December.

The statue built from steel and concrete, decorated in gold-coloured paint have been designed to ‘commemorate a leader’ Mao Zedong who represents the embodiment of fairness and justice,reported the Guardian.

The 36 metre tall mega-Mao, which reportedly cost 3m yuan (about £312,000), towers over Tongxu County near the city of Kaifeng in Henan province. The province, still one of the China’s poorest region, was one of the areas worst hit by the famine.

Mao Zedong, who ruled China until his death in September 1976, has been blamed for the deaths of tens of millions of Chinese citizens when his ‘Great Leap Forward’ pushed for breakneck industrialization and caused a calamitous famine.(ANI)

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