Chinese, Russian navies depart for joint drill at sea

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Beijing, Sep 15 (IANS) Chinese and Russian fleets sailed out of a port in Zhanjiang in China’s Guangdong province on Thursday to pre-determined waters for a joint naval drill.

The “Joint Sea 2016” drill, started on September 12 and will run until September 19, in three phases: preparation at port, exercise at sea and summary, Xinhua news agency reported.

China and Russia will present a total of 13 surface ships, two submarines, 11 fixed-wing aircraft, 10 ship-borne helicopters and amphibious armoured equipment as well as 256 marines in the drill.

In the preparation phase, participants from both sides carried out map deduction and discussion and marines from the two militaries conducted joint training.

The two sides will also undertake joint air defence, anti-submarine operations, coordinated three-dimensional island seizing, search and rescue, landing and examining, and weapon use.

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The coordinated three-dimensional island seizing activity is jointly operated by the two militaries for the first time.

“The exercise shows a high level of mutual trust between the two navies,” said Zhang Junshe, a military expert.



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