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Chinese tourists found dead by 1973 Iceland plane crash site

Reykjavik, Jan 18 (IANS) Two Chinese nationals in their early 20s have been found dead near the site of a 1973 plane crash in Iceland, which has now become a popular tourist attraction, a media report said.

Police said the man and the woman were found near Solheimasandur, where a US military plane had crash-landed in 1973, but there were no casualties, the BBC reported.

The fuselage of the plane still rests at the site, and has become a tourist attraction.

Meanwhile, a police spokesman told the BBC on Friday that a post-mortem would take place next week to establish the causes of death.

Officers had not found any signs of a “criminal act” by a third party, he said, adding that the bodies showed signs of hypothermia.

According to a police statement, officers were first called to the scene on Thursday after people found a woman’s body off a footpath leading to the crashed plane.

The man’s body was found a short distance away about two hours later.

A car thought to have been rented by the couple was found in the site’s parking area.




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