Christopher Nolan banned chairs, water bottles on ‘Dunkirk’ set

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Los Angeles, July 29 (IANS) Actor Mark Rylance says that he and his co-stars Fionn Whitehead, Harry Styles and Tom Hardy were not allowed chairs and water bottles on the set of “Dunkirk”.

Rylance says Nolan has various idiosyncrasies as a director.

“Very much so; he’s very particular about using film and everything being real in front of the camera, so there were a lot of old techniques used in this film to make it look real. The flames on the water and men swimming in them; he really wants to minimize the amount of post-production and CGI stuff,” Rylance told

“He does things like he doesn’t like having chairs on set for actors or bottles of water, he’s very particular,” he added.

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Further talking why Nolan banned chairs and water bottles, Rylance’s co-star Barry Keoghan said: “They’re distractions — the noise of (the bottles), they’re like toys almost, playing around with toys. (The lack of chairs, meanwhile) keeps you on your toes, literally.”



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