CI MAILBOX – December 4, 2015

Mississauga, December 4. 2015 (CINEWS):

Re: Cultural appropriation goes against multiculturalism

I am concerned and disappointed by your article re cultural appropriation goes against multiculturalism. I have listened to CBC radio and read your article on fusion culture. your point of view leaves much to be desired. There is a yoga debate and who is doing the talking people like you who are so biased and have no sensibility of what yoga is. I am sure this would not be the case if you were writing about Catholics Protestants or Islam, however if it is Hindu spirituality it does not count. The points you make are downright ridiculous, Yoga is a Hindu practice and I have no problem with people doing yoga, What I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH IS THE WAY IT IS BEING APPROPRIATED BY some WESTERNERS. It is as if they feel they have the right to destroy this spiritual way of life that was founded by Hindus. Well I AM SO PLEASED SOME ONE POINTED THIS OUT IT IS LONG OVERDUE, Native people culture, art and spiritual development and practices was appropriated without any consideration . they suffer so much pain and still do. Indians from India face many appropriations they are waking up to it and now they know how to speak up. Your writing leaves very much to be desired. Ꮠ

Kay Nandlall- Mississauga

Refugees in Canada

For the past few weeks all I keep hearing about is the coming of refugees to Canada and how all cities are going to be finding homes for them, doctors and all kinds of assistance, many companies will offer them jobs too. All that is nice, but affordable housing is a problem for the rest of us. And oh, finding a decent job too. Ꮠ

Sharmista- Mississauga

Movie on Sikh boxer

I read with interest the piece on the boxer Pardeep Nagra’s fight to be able to compete with a beard. I do realize that it is something that needed to be accommodated given its religious significance, but I also understand that any society takes some time to adjust to new realities and challenges thrown up by multiculturalism. It is not racism as much as it is a matter of accepting new practices and demands. Ꮠ

Ravi- Markham

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