City launches ‘quick-clear squads’ on DVP, Gardiner

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The days when the DVP and Gardiner have multiple lanes blocked to clear debris or a collision may be fewer and far between if all goes according to plan. The City of Toronto has launched a dedicated team to clear lane blockages and collisions faster on the Don Valley Parkway and the Gardiner Expressway.

The “quick-clear squads” officially hit the Toronto expressways after a two-month pilot in September and October, part of a larger plan targeting the city’s traffic problem.

The squads are dispatched to clear temporary lane issues — like minor collisions and disabled vehicles blocking traffic — on the DVP and the Gardiner. During the pilot, two crews helped with traffic control, cleaned up debris, made repairs to reopen roads faster and assisted tow truck drivers.

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While response times for such problems can take several hours, during the pilot the squads were able to arrive within half an hour, the new release said.

First responders in about 120 incidents were also able to release staff from scenes faster thanks to help from the city crews, the city said. The squads also laid 58 charges for illegal lane blocking during the pilot.

When staff aren’t responding to incidents, they’re monitoring the DVP and Gardiner and making maintenance repairs.

One wonders if the same system can be employed along the 401 which is plagued by the same problems that make driving a nightmare for thousands of motorists.

An accident on the 401 near Guelph Line recently caused a traffic backup one recent morning and those caught in the jam took up to three hours to get to their destination that would otherwise take less than an hour. – CINEWS

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