City looks to make Toronto buildings more pet friendly

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As a pet owner, it can be incredibly frustrating finding a rental unit that allows pets or is pet friendly, then there is the other problem of having suitable areas to take dogs out for walks. Now the city is turning to consultants to come up with a set of design guidelines to make high-density areas better for pets, and will also be looking for advice from the public.

The review will look at everything from how new towers are dealing with dog pee as well as ensuring there is enough space for animals to be walked outside.

Among some of the ideas is having a condo ventilation hooked up to areas where cat owners keep litter boxes to cut down on smell.

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The city will also be holding consultations with pet owners as well as those concerned about the presence of pets in buildings.

It is often difficult to ensure that the rights of those with pets are balanced and not done at the expense of people allergic to pets or simply don’t like pets. Satisfying them all will always be a challenge. -CINEWS

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