Claire Foy ready to push herself to ‘absolute edge’

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Los Angeles, May 23 (IANS) Actress Claire Foy says playing Queen Elizabeth II in the Netflix series “The Crown”, has been life-changing for her as she now believes she can push herself to the edge of what she thinks is her ability.

“I thought I knew the actor I was,” Foy told The Hollywood Reporter’s Drama Actress Roundtable, according to

“I did ‘Wolf Hall’ (mini series), I was really proud of it. It was sort of like, you can die happy. I’ve done the role I’ve always wanted to do, this is an absolute dream, I’m done. If I never work again or never do anything that’s that standard again, I’m fine,” she said.

But she did work again.

Foy could not believe that “The Crown” producers thought she was “that kind of actor” who would transform “beyond age and class”. She credits motherhood with her ability to do so, saying because of her daughter, “I had so little attachment to who I had been, who I thought I was. It was a very odd experience where I didn’t allow myself to set myself any limits or say I could or couldn’t achieve anything.”

For the actress, playing the reigning British monarch changed her personal character as well.

“I’m going to push myself to the absolute edge of my ability, or what I think I can do, and what I think I am able to do,” Foy asserted.



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