Clinton, Trump victors at Arizona; Sanders claim Utah

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Arizona (US), Mar.23 (ANI): Democratic Front runner Hillary Clinton and Republican front runner Donald J. Trump overwhelmed their rivals in the Arizona primaries on Tuesday amid controversy over lines at polling places that wrapped around the block more than an hour after the polls were slated to close in the largest and most-watched of the day’s three electoral contests.

Clinton’s commanding victory in Arizona gave her the day’s biggest prize as Western Democrats also caucused in Idaho, reports New York Times.

Clinton’s roughly 20-point victory came despite voting glitches that appeared to affect Democratic voters more acutely than Republicans, who had submitted mail-in ballots at a higher rate than Democrats.

The large margin is a blow to her rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders, who had staked a comeback on Arizona.

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Trump easily defeated Cruz in Arizona, taking all 58 of its delegates and adding to his lead. But Cruz was vying to capture more than 50 percent of Utah Republicans in hopes of claiming all 40 of that state’s delegates.

Senator Bernie Sanders routed Clinton in the Utah Democratic caucuses, though, offsetting some of her delegate gains and demonstrating his enduring appeal among liberal activists even as she closes in on the party’s nomination.

The victories recorded by Clinton and Trump showcased the strengths that have propelled them to huge advantages in their respective nomination fights.

Clinton once again demonstrated her loyal following among older and nonwhite Democrats, both significant constituencies in Arizona whereas Trump proved his appeal among immigration hard-liners, who make up a large bloc of Republicans in the border state.

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Clinton’s triumph in Arizona, with its 75 delegates, not only extended her lead over Sanders, it also offered a psychological boost as she heads into a stretch of contests in states likely.

Arizona was the most heavily contested of the three states voting on Tuesday in the Democratic race, which has seen Clinton open a nearly insurmountable lead after sweeping all five states that voted on March 15.(ANI)

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