CM of Lanka’s Northern Province seeks India’s intervention to set up federal |govt

Colombo, Feb 29(ANI): The Chief Minister of Sri Lanka’s Northern Province, C.V. Wigneswaran, has said that he has sought India’s intervention to set up a federal government system in the northern and eastern provinces.

The Chief Minister made this remark at an event held in Jaffna to welcome back a group of academics from northern province who went to India for further studies, reports Lanka Page website.

Wigneswaran expressed confidence that India would intervene to accommodate his request.

He said that the then government accepted the 13th Amendment to the Constitution brought about by the 1987 Indo-Lanka Accord because of pressure from New Delhi.

As a result of that Amendment, at least the North and East got two provincial councils albeit without power, he added.

Claiming that after the end of the war, the Tamil people have been caught in a storm again, Wigneswaran said India has understood that a federal government is the only political solution for the Tamil issue.(ANI)

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