Co-fare discount on TTC, GO Transit begins for Presto users

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It is a dream come true for thousands of transit users in the GTA as the much-awaited discount fare program between Metrolinx and TTC is now in effect.

Anyone using both transit systems in a single trip will get $1.50 off their fare price — but only if they’re using pay-as-you-go on Presto cards.

The discount is automatically applied to your Presto account whether you begin or end your trip on the TTC and use GO Transit or the UP Express within the same trip.

Again, the discount will only apply to those using a Presto card.

Other payment methods, including the monthly pass on Presto, will not get the discount.

Students and seniors will see savings of 55 cents per trip when they use their Presto card.

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The discount was announced in October after the mayor’s office confirmed that Queen’s Park had agreed to subsidize the co-fare agreement.

It is hoped that the savings to those transit users using both systems will continue to do so more frequently, but also equally important is encouraging more people traveling around the GTA to consider transit.

It is usually more economical and convenient to take one’s car for that odd trip into the city or around the GTA. Despite the risk of being caught in major traffic, many rather take their vehicle because of the cost factor.

Another way to increase ridership especially on weekends is to create a family pass for those riding the Go, on the lines of the family pass offered by the TTC. This would make it more economical for a family of four traveling from say Mississauga or Brampton into Toronto or beyond. – CINEWS

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