Coalition in support of Sex-Ed raises its voice

Brampton, September 25 (CINEWS): For months now, the anti-Sex-Ed lobby has protested noisily but now a coalition of organizations, religious groups, community agencies and parents have come together to support the beleaguered sex education curriculum.

Education Minister Liz Sandals

Education Minister Liz Sandals

The newly formed Ontario Coalition Supporting Health Education (OCSHE) held a press conference at Queen’s Park Wednesday morning to demonstrate widespread support for the revised Health and Physical Education Curriculum.
More than 130 member organizations have united to form OCSHE and offer its voice of support on an issue that has thus far heard mostly loud cries of opposition and generated a number of protests.
The people making up this coalition believe that dispensing information about Sex-Ed keeping in mind the age of information and the growth of the internet is essential. They hope their support would ensure that no one backs down or dilutes the content of the Sex-Ed curriculum.

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