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Cockroach crawls up Duterte’s shirt during speech

Manila, May 9 (IANS) A cockroach found itself in the spotlight when it crawled on the shirt of Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte during a campaign rally speech.

An hour and a half into his speech in Bohol city on Wednesday night, the 74-year-old President was unceremoniously stopped by the bug that crawled towards his upper arm as he was praising his senatorial candidates, video footage showed.

His aide tried to brush away the cockroach using a folder but the pest dashed its way to the front. Soon, the unfazed President took matters into his own hands, flicking the insect down to the floor and went on with his speech.

Duterte joked that the opposition Liberal party might have planted the cockroach on him. “It’s Liberal! That’s for sure,” he said to laughter from the crowd.




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