‘Code for India’ praises PM Modi’s ‘Digital India’ initiative

Mountain View (California), Sept. 28 (ANI): ‘Code for India’ employees, who were present here at the Googleplex to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi who was visiting the search engine headquarters, said that they were extremely impressed by his ‘Digital India’ initiative and that it would digitally empower the people of India.

“It’s a great initiative by the Prime Minister to connect the people of India across the world digitally through any medium possibly. It empowers people digitally and has the potential to pull people out of poverty. We at Code for India have played a little part in his initiative,” Rutwik, a coder from CFI told ANI here.

“We are from India and through this initiative we can now give back to India,” Huzaifa, another coder from CFI added.

Khushali Desai, a CFI employee said, that their team had put in more than 15 hours of coding and had come out with around 55 apps for the Prime Minister’s dream of ‘Digital India’.

“We should encourage Hackathon culture in India so that the youth are inspired to find solutions to the nation’s issues,” Prime Minister said in his short address here.

Code for India is a non-profit organization based in Mountain View and Bangalore and is dedicated to inspiring millions of techies to volunteer their time and talent to give back to their communities and to the developing world. (ANI)

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